Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wine Bottle Crafts

These days students have been waiting for their entire lives-or at least because they find alcohol. This is the night when all the attention is on the birthday boy or girl, and everyone can not wait for the clock to strike midnight.

It was a birthday party 21st!

Now, although it is a huge milestone for any young adult, make preparations for the 21st birthday of a woman requires more planning, crafts, and a hell of a lot of glitter and rhinestones of 21 men in need. Enter transition sentence here that highlights the importance of bottles of wine for the 21st birthday of a woman.

Wine bottles come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are just too pretty to throw away. I know I'm guilty start a collection of empty wine bottles for no apparent reason other than to use it to craft decorations for my apartment. Instead of letting them collect dust while sitting on top of your refrigerator, there are several different craft ideas that a student can be overcome.

The first idea would be to take one of the bottles from your collection and use them to craft unique gifts for the 21st birthday of your friends.

What do you think you need? Not much at all!

1 Wine bottles (of various sizes)
2 Cat (whatever you have on hand - spray paint or acrylic fine)
3 paint brushes, sponge brush painting (whatever you want to use to give your wine bottle desired style!)
4. Glitter
5. Craft glue (preferably Modge Podge brand)
6 Rhinestones (optional)
7 boxes of cardboard or paper

Before you start crafting, you will need to remove all the labels of bottles of wine. It's quite simple to do. First, fill the sink with hot water and soap until a good amount of bubbles form. Then, submerge the bottle of wine in the soap, hot water bath, making sure all the labels come in contact with water. Let the bottles soak for about ten to fifteen minutes, so there is no residue and is easy to remove paper labels. Bottles of wine will have to sit and dry for about fifteen minutes to make sure it is not slippery when you start painting.

Once the bottle is dry, it's time to start painting! Select the type of brush you want to use for the base layer of your bottles. I would suggest using a wide brush so you can cover a wider bottle at a faster pace.

Using a brush with broad strokes will give your wine bottle look smooth, which will make your finished product look more complete (no one wants to see a small, evenly brush strokes everywhere!) You can choose any color of your bottle top base layer , but if you are planning a complex design or colorful, then I would suggest sticking to either use a basic white or black paint. These colors will make you stand out a unique pattern so that the color does not begin to blur together.

However, if you like the original color of your bottle, you will not have to worry about painting it. In this case, you can directly go to the glittering process-if it's your plan. Remember, before deciding if you want to paint a unique design on the bottle or if you plan to just sparkled everything instead.

Furthermore, I will tell you the step-by-step you need to take if you decide to paint the design on the bottle or if you just want to go crazy and throw glitter on it.

I'll start with the steps to take to paint a unique design on your wine bottle. To do this, you need some additional material:

1 Paintbrush kit. It usually comes with a variety of brush sizes and widths, which will be important once you start the process of designing.

2 tapes Painter. If you are a neat freak and need a line of paint you into a perfectly straight, then I would suggest getting the painter's tape to use when designing.

3 More paint color!

When you are ready to start painting, looking for inspiration in creative website design. I personally suggest Pinterest. Below is the design I use when painting my friends 21 birthday gift!

Let every element of your design to dry for about ten to fifteen minutes before the start of the next part of your design to avoid accidentally mixing colors.

Once your design is complete, let the bottle dry overnight before you begin the process of Modge Podge. I recommend getting a spray-on Modge Podge so you can have even spread throughout your bottles. The Modge Podge will give you a shiny bottle, so visible. Now you have a unique gift to give your friends for a birthday party for his 21st!

Next, I will explain step-by-step process of applying glitter to your wine bottle. There are several ways you can do this. I recommend buying the glitter spray paint. Grab your bottle of wine outside and put it on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. Then spray glitter so that there is a uniform coat covering your bottles. Allow the bottles to dry for thirty minutes. Once the glitter has dried completely, you can take your spray Modge Podge and apply a thin layer so that the glitter has a protective outer layer.

If you do not want to use spray glitter, there are other options for you.

1 Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge with a sponge brush to the outside of the bottle.

2 Immediately apply craft glue glitter so it does not have time to dry. The best method is to shake the glitter into the bottle until it is completely covered. Or you can pour all the glitter on a piece of paper and fold the paper in half so that the trickle of glitter to the edges. Then shake the glitter evenly onto the surface of the bottle.

3 Let the bottle is completely dry, and repeat the Modge Podge cover as mentioned in the above option has a protective coating so that glitter.

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